Class Schedule

Class Schedule#

Class: Tuesday / Thursday, 1:25-2:40pm

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Do Before Class

In Class

Thrs, Jan 11

Course Overview

Tues, Jan 16

Solving Problems by Answering Questions

Thrs, Jan 18

Stakeholder Management

Tues, Jan 23

Proscriptive v. Descriptive Questions

Thrs, Jan 25

Exploratory Questions

Tues, Jan 30

Exploratory Questions

Thrs, Feb 1

Teams 1

Tues, Feb 6

Teams 2

Thrs, Feb 8

Passive Prediction Questions

Tues, Feb 13

Passive Prediction Questions

Thrs, Feb 15

Passive Prediction Questions

Tues, Feb 20

Causal Questions

Thrs, Feb 22

Causal Questions


Tues, Feb 27

Causal Questions

  • Cunningham, Chpt 4, pp 135 (“Independence Assumption”) - 148 (Stop at “Randomization Inference”)

  • Indicator Variables

(Note SDO (Simple Difference in Outcomes) in Cunningham same as “widehat{ATE} from class)

  • Read Chpt 4 in Cunningham from start (different presentation of potential outcomes)


Thrs, Feb 29

Causal Questions: Experiments

Experiments: Internal Validity (In Practice):

  • Kohvani, Tang and Xu: Chpt 2 (End to End Example)

  • Kohavi, Tang and Xu: Chpt 3, “Threats to Internal Validity” (p. 42-47)

  • Kohvani, Tang and Xu: Chpt 19 (A/A Testing)

Tues, Mar 5

Causal Questions: Experiments

Overall Evaluation Criteria: Kohavi, Tang, and Xu Chpt 7.

Finishing Internal Validity:

  • Different Randomizations: Kohavi, Tang and Xu Chpt 22

Experiments: External Validity (In Practice):

  • Kohavi, Tang and Xu, Chpt 3, “Threats to External Validity” to end (p. 47-54)

  • Kohvai, Tang and Xu, Chpt 23 (Primacy Effects / Long Term Decay)


Thrs, Mar 7

Optional Class

Optional Class

Tues, Mar 12


Thrs, Mar 14


Tues, Mar 19

Causal Questions: Experiments

Designing Experiments

Power Ex

Thrs, Mar 21

Review Day

AB Testing Review

Tues, Mar 26

Causal Questions: Experiments

  • Statistical Decision Theory (on Canvas). 550-556

(This is same as IDS 705 Lecture 8 Reading)

Thrs, Mar 28



Tues, Apr 2

Causal Questions: Regression

Thrs, Apr 4

Exploratory Questions Feedback

  • Bring comments on other teams’ report

Tues, Apr 9

Causal Questions: Matching

Watch the video above from about 15 minutes in (where link starts) till at least 45 minutes in, keep going if you want to learn about propensity score matching problems.

Thrs, Apr 11

Causal Questions: Differences and Differences / Panels

  • Cunningham, Chpt 9 pp 406 (Difference in Differences) - pp 433 (Stop at “Importance of Placebos in Diff-in-Diff”)

-(Book page numbers at bottom of PDF on canvas. Full chapter is in PDF, more than you need to read.)

Optional but encouraged: (dont need to follow everything, but here’s a real diff-in-diff)

Tues, Apr 16

Interpretation of Results

  • Revised Exploratory Due along with Causal Proposal

Wed, April 24

  • Optional Due Date for Causal Rough Draft (11pm)

Wed, May 1

  • Final Causal Report Due